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Inagural Video Podcast- What Every Youth Minister Needs to Know About Crisis Management

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Mr. Bowden McElroy and Dr. Tim Doty discuss what “we wish every youth minister knew about crisis management in twenty minutes or less.” We cover issues of confidentiality and legal/moral/ethical obligations to be wary of secret-keeping. We also discuss linking to referral sources and we encourage youth ministers and helpers in general to prioritize self-care. We hope you enjoy this podcast and we look forward to posting additional teaching-related material.

What Every Youth Minister Needs to Know About Handling Mental Health Crises from Dr. Timothy Doty on Vimeo.

PREPARE ENRICH Training video

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Announcement!  CFI has entered the video age.  We have recently posted a couple of videos.

Dr. Dale Doty discusses the benefits of PREPARE/ENRICH training for pastors, clergy, ministers, counselors, and marriage coaches who would like certification in a very useful tool.

Check back for more videos coming soon!