Divorce in Oklahoma – Dr. Doty Interview with FOX23 News

Christian Family Institute’s Dr. Dale Doty was interviewed by FOX23 news this week regarding the high rates of divorce in Oklahoma. FOX23 reported that Oklahoma couples marry more often than their counterparts in other regions.

Our community has been aware of these concerns and started the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative (OMI)  in 1999 to address our state’s  high divorce rates.  It has become a model program for the nation.  At Christian Family Institute, we work with couples in all stages of relationships to improve their relationship and reduce the chances of a marriage ending in divorce.  We offer premarital counseling that enables couples to receive a discount on their marriage license in the state of Oklahoma when they complete our program.

For churches, leaders, counselors, and professionals in our state who seek to strengthen marriages, CFI offers trainings on the PREPARE/ENRICH tool (video).  At CFI, we believe in the importance of marriage as a viable, cultural, God-blessed institution.

If you or someone you know needs help preparing for marriage, strenghthening a marriage, or needs to heal after the end of a marriage, our counselors are trained and qualified to offer assistance.

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