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Growth Group

Christian Family Institute is proud to announce the formation of a Growth Group led by Dr. Joe James.

This Growth Group is considered optimal for people who:

  • Are engaged in individual therapy but need or want a little more care
  • Find them selves “stuck” in therapy
  • Are coming to the end of their individual therapy and need a little more support
  • Need social support
  • Find individual therapy too costly

Group therapy at CFI is unique. Groups are small and led by an experienced professional. All types of issues can and will be discussed, making our groups ideal for anyone in need. While no one is forced to talk, participation is highly encouraged to facilitate the personal change you desire. Our groups meet weekly for 90 minutes and are open to anyone in need. Before beginning one of our groups, a brief meeting with one of our therapists is required to ensure our group can meet your needs.

Click on: growth group flier to download information.
To sign up for the group and to set a time to meet with the group leader, call 918.745.0095