Learn what’s good about your relationship and improve the things that could use some help.

At Christian Family Institute we do a lot of work with struggling couples and families.  It concerns us that so many couples come to us when their problems have grown to seemingly unmanageable sizes.  It is our hope that we can help families to deal with and even avoid some of these issues before they get too big.  Doing honest and challenging premarital work can go a long way towards preventing these problems.

It is well established that those couples who do Pre-marital work decrease the likelihood that they will head down the path to divorce.

One of our primary missions at CFI is to help families to achieve the joy and fulfillment that God has planned in their lives.  We believe that this program can go a long way towards achieving that mission.

Please ask yourselves the following questions:

  1. Are your expectations about marriage realistic?
  2. Do you know what the common problems in marriages are?
  3. Have you completely discussed the wide variety of issues that can prove problematic in relationships?
  4. Do you know what issues you bring to this new relationship from the family you were raised in?
  5. Would you like to make sure that you have the skills to deal effectively with the issues that will present themselves in your marriage?


  • Cost is $445
  • Use of the PREPARE premarital inventory
  • Five premarital therapy sessions
  • One follow-up session six to nine months after the wedding.
  • Consultation with the minister should that be desired