Accurate diagnosis is the first step in seeking the best treatment options

One single test cannot diagnose or rule-out the presence of ADHD in a child or an adult. Therefore our team of psychologists utilizes a “multimodal” ADHD FLYER imageapproach to assessing ADHD which includes:

  • An in-depth clinical interview conducted by one of our highly trained psychologists
  • Observational rating scales from multiple observers often including parents, teachers, and friends
  • Computerized objective measures designed to measure sustained attention and concentration in children and adults

We gather and interpret data to rule-out other possible explanations for the concerning behavior.  We then present the information to the individual or family by means of an interactive feedback session and an integrated written report for your benefit. Referrals for additional services and in depth treatment recommendations will be provided if needed.

Let us help you make the most accurate diagnosis possible

ADHD has become a popular household label used to explain behavioral problems ranging from normal irresponsibility to serious learning difficulties. Determining whether ADHD is the cause of yours or your child’s difficulties is the first step in finding the right solution.

Follow this link for a checklist of symptoms that may indicate that you or someone you know is struggling with ADHD.

If you would like to share a flyer about our services with someone you know, please feel free to download and print this link: ADHD flyer

It is important to note that a diagnosis of ADHD is something we consider based on all available evidence and we use cautionary discretion before assigning a diagnosis.