Aptitude and Abilities Assessment

As parents and students make decisions about educational and career paths, we can help inform the exciting, yet, confusing process.  Many families benefit from taking part in aptitude testing.  Our approach to aptitude testing at Christian Family Institute is to combine career and interest inventories and personality type measures with cognitive abilities tests.  Perhaps most important to our aptitude testing however, is the combination of the above measures with  a psychologically valid and recognizable test of intelligence and cognitive ability.  We believe that knowing one’s aptitudes are important in light of ones capabilities and underlying ability to learn, along with learning how to maximize one’s potential to learn.

The most beneficial aspect of our aptitude testing offerings is the ability to work with a mental health professional who can help assess family dynamics, expectations, and offer useful feedback to both the student and the family about what directions to consider following the testing process.  We want to tailor each assessment to the needs of the student and the family and provide relevant, meaningful, and useful feedback to assist with future planning.

View our Aptitude Testing Flyer here (pdf)

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