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Dear Friends,In this newsletter edition, we bring you  articles specifically about relationships, marriages and supporting marriages. Please read through our resources and feel free to pass along our newsletter to anyone you know who may benefit.

Featured Articles:
  1. Secrets of a Long Marriage – Salley Sutmiller, M.S. provides wisdom (personal and clinical) of long marriages.
  2. How do you keep your romance alive in a marriage?  Talk about it! our article of course.
  3. Additional resources that specifically address couple and marital issues.
  4. Announcing: Advanced Marital Therapy Training Seminars at CFI.
  5. PREPARE/ENRICH training seminars offered by CFI.

Secrets of a Long Marriage

Mrs. Salley Sutmiller, M.S. provides a list  of habits that will increase the probability of having a long lived marriage.  Consistently following these secrets will also increase the likelihood of living together in a reasonably happy manner.Take a look at the the full blog article: click here.  

How to Keep Romance Alive in Marriage

Romance? Sex? Expectations? Friendship?  Got your attention yet?  This article walks couples through the importance of discussing issues related to desires and romance in a marriage. Give it a read, your spouse will thank you.

To read Mr. Chris Giles’ complete article click  here.

Additional Resources

We are adding new material to our website and article blog on a weekly basis.  Check back often for articles such as:

Advanced Marital Therapy Training Seminars



We are proud to announce our series of Advanced Marital Training Seminars designed to Take Your Marital Counseling and Therapy to the Next Level.  

  • Integrating Christian Faith and the best science
  • Available to mental health professionals and pastoral counselors
  • CEU’s available for LPC, LMFT, LCSW

Fore more information check our upcoming events page


Christian Family Institute offers trainings for pre-marital counselors in using the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment tool for couples. Our next training is March 1st and it will be offered again in October 2013.

Here is an article about using the PREPARE tool.

Click here for more info.

If we can be of service, please contact CFI to set up a time to consult with one of our counselors.  To view our full range of services, please visit

Tim Doty, Psy.D. on behalf of
Christian Family Institute

Our Staff includes:
Dale R. Doty, Ph.D.
William B. Berman, Ph.D.
G. Bowden McElroy, M.Ed.
Eric L. Clements, M.S.

Salley Sutmiller, M.S.

Amanda Harrington, Ph.D. (congratulations to Dr. Harrington whose Oklahoma licensure process was completed Fall 2012!) 
Joseph James, Psy.D. (congratulations to Dr. James whose doctorate was conferred in January!)
Paul Cochran, M.D.