Graduate Practicum and Internships

For over 30 years Christian Family Institute has provided clinical training to graduate students in
counseling, psychology, social work, and marriage and family therapy programs. In addition, we provide
post-­graduate supervision to those seeking licensing.

CFI provides a high level of supervision to students enabling them to learn to provide competent
individual counseling to adults and children, as well as marital and family counseling.
CFI accepts a very limited number of graduate students seeking to do practicum or internship. We
accept students who:

1. Are enrolled in graduate programs whose programs will make them eligible for licensure
upon graduation, after completing work under supervision,
2. Have demonstrated success in graduate school,
3. Are willing to commit to nine consecutive months of work under supervision,
4. Have available time to commit to see clients, attend supervision and staff meetings, and are
willing to perform related administrative duties, (usually approximately 20 hours per week)
5. Plan to seek licensure after graduation, and
6. Are seeking to learn to perform the type of counseling CFI provides.

If you believe you meet these requirements and would like to be considered for an internship or
practicum, please send your qualifications to:

Graduate Practicum and Internship Training Opportunities (.pdf file)