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  • Adolescent Suicide is 3rd leading cause of death among adolescents
  • 20.5% to 29% report having considered suicide
  • Deliberate self-harm is one of the strongest risk factors for suicide
  • One study found that as much as 70% of adolescents who reported and act of self-harm reported at least one suicide attempt

As a youth pastor and Young Life Leader for more than a decade I know that feeling you get when one of your students tells you they have been thinking of killing themselves or show you the cuts they made on their arms last time; paralyzed! It is for this reason that Christian Family Institute and I have come together to present “Why Kids Cut.” This luncheon is for anyone who works with youth; especially youth pastors, volunteer leaders, and youth sponsors.

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Joe James, MA, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor
Long Time Youth Pastor



What to do when kids in your youth ministry are cutting and suicidal

Wednesday October 24 or Thursday October 25
12:00 to 1:30pm
@ Christian Family Institute (71st and Yale)
Free Lunch Provided
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We’ll be discussing:

  • Common Myths regarding suicide and self-harm
  • Warning signs: How to know when your kids are really struggling
  • How to talk about suicide and cutting with students and parents
  • How to respond in a way that respects the relationship but ensures the student’s safety

We would also love to hear your stories and find out more about your work with stuents

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Joe James, MA, LPC

Over the past 18 years Mr. James has had the great privilege of helping hundreds of adolescents and their families. He has made a habit of meeting young people right where they are, connecting with their pain and helping them find a way out. As such, he is uniquely equipped to help families, schools, and other youth organizations deal with adolescent trauma, suicide, self-harm, depression, mood swings, alcohol and drug use, peer group pressures, difficulties at school, poor grades, defiance, and other high risk adolescent behaviors…learn more

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