Eric Clements, M.S.


* Married 15 years
* Father of two sons
* Occupation: Marital and Family Therapist
* Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma


* Bachelor of Christian Education
Major in Bible and Christian Education
Ozark Christian College

* Master of Science
Major in Marriage and Family Therapy
Oklahoma Baptist College


* Licensed Professional Counselor
* Licensed Marital and Family Therapist

Professional Memberships

* American Association of Christian Counselors
* Christian Association for Psychological Studies


* Martial Arts
* Weight Lifting
* Golf
* Scuba Diving
* Travel (Disney World is an obsession)

Favorite Movies

* The Incredibles (think of all the marriage and family themes)
* 101 Dalmatians
* True Lies
* Air Force One

Favorite Music

* Daniel Amos
* Larry Norman
* Steely Dan
* Little River Band
* Kansas

Favorite Books

* Chronicles of Narnia
* In the Grip of Grace
* The Applause of Heaven
* Healing for Damaged Emotions
* A Lasting Promise

E-mail: ericclements@CFItulsa.com

Personal website: EricClements.com