FAQ: Will medication help?

Sometimes!  Medication is not the ONLY answer to many psychological, mental health or life stress concerns. However, medication is sometimes indicated during the process of evaluating and treating an issue with long-standing history and severe symptoms.  For example we compare taking medication for severe depression to taking medication for a chronic illness like diabetes.  A diabetic would not have as much success in their overall health, if they were not on a regimen of healthy eating, exercise, and appropriate medical care.  This is true for some mental health concerns as well.  Research has shown that a combination of talk therapy and medication, under the care of a psychiatrist or primary care doctor, can be the best treatment for chronic or ongoing mental health concerns.

Many situations in life do not require medication, but if during the course of treatment, symptoms persist or increase in intensity, your counselor may recommend a consultation with your primary care doctor or a psychiatrist.

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