Psychological & Mental Health Assessments

Many situations can bring you to our doors, so we’ve identified a handful of those scenarios below.

Please indicate during your initial contact whether a third party is requesting an evaluation or review our Court Services & Evaluations.

Common Components of an Assessment:

  • Clinical interview and observations by a trained professional.
  • May include testing and collaboration with other professionals or observers of the behavior.
  • Data may be synthesized into a variety of formats, including oral or written reports.


There is no single test to diagnose or rule out ADHD in either a child or adult, so we adhere to established clinical standards and utilize a "multimodal" approach which includes:

  • An in-depth clinical interview with a professional
  • Rating scales from multiple observers, often including parents, teachers, and friends
  • Computerized objective measures to measure concentration

Following the completion of the evaluation process, a feedback session will be held to review findings and recommendations. A written report may also be proposed as needed.

School / Workplace Performance

An individual may exhibit emotional or behavioral difficulties that raise concerns for school personnel or employees. In addition, an employee may be on temporary leave for such reasons and need an evaluation to determine whether they are ready to return to work. CFI staff are skilled in conducting school/workplace evaluations necessary to address these concerns.

Career / Direction

Meet with a professional to assess your expectations and family dynamics, then receive feedback on which directions to consider. The assessment experience is tailored to provide relevant and useful insight for future planning. We combine a variety of tests:

  • Interest inventories
  • Style and personality
  • Aptitude testing (knowing what you are capable of and cognitively prepared for)
  • Achievement testing

Check out the flyer for more information!

Marriage Preparation

We utilize the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment tool to encourage and guide couples through more informed conversations. Each assessment is designed to test the factors which research shows to be important for a successful marriage. The PREPARE is incorporated in our premarital package while the ENRICH is available for couples wanting to strengthen their marriage.

Psychological Functioning / Personality Assessment

This kind of assessment looks at how an individual’s personality style and ability to manage emotions impacts how they relate to others.

  • An initial discussion of your purposes for the evaluation
  • One or more of the commonly used personality test
  • A feedback session to discuss your approaches to relationship and recommendations for correcting unhelpful patterns

Cognitive Ability

Specific evaluations are offered for individuals experiencing changes in their cognitive functioning. For those needing to verify their capacity for third parties (schools, group homes, government documentation, legal competence) or to test for a learning disorder, the result of cognitive testing is typically an IQ score. By means of adaptive behavior evaluations or achievement evaluations, we can also determine learning styles and level of functioning.

Pre-Surgery Evaluation

Psychological and emotional testing is common in preparation for surgeries. Because the outcome of invasive or elective procedures is largely influenced by emotional functioning, many surgeons will require an evaluation prior to the surgery. We can provide feedback for you and the medical professional to review for:

  • Bariatric surgery
  • Spinal surgery
  • Spinal chord stimulation (for pain relief)
  • Occipital nerve stimulation
  • Transplant candidacy: lung, heart, kidney, and liver
  • Gestational carrier & surrogacy
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