Training From Christian Family Institute

Event Speaking

From a 45 minute talk to a weekend retreat, we can offer insights into life transitions for audiences wanting to develop new skills. We love to work with churches and organizations by designing programs suited to each community’s need.

If you are ready to host a seminar, here’s a sample of the topics on which we are eager to educate:

  • Marriage Enrichment Series
  • Marital Communication
  • Parent Education
  • Caregiver Training
  • Divorce Recovery
  • Family Life Retreats
  • Managing Emotions
  • Parenting Teenagers
  • Controlling Anger
  • Internet Pornography Abuse
  • Managing Relationships in the Digital Age
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Crisis Intervention / Disaster Response

Tell us if you’re interested!
You can inquire by emailing any of the counselors or contacting us.

Licensure Prep / Supervision

We offer clinical training to graduate students in counseling, psychology, social work, and marriage and family therapy programs. For those seeking licensing, we provide post­graduate supervision to empower students to execute competent counseling methods through practice and review with an experienced professional.

CFI accepts a limited number of graduate students for internships and supervision, looking for students who…

  • Are seeking licensure after graduation
  • Are enrolled in graduate programs allowing eligibility for licensure upon graduation and completion of a supervision
  • Can commit to nine consecutive months of work, including approx. 20 hrs/week for seeing clients, attending supervision and staff meetings, and other administrative duties
  • Demonstrated success in graduate school

If you believe you meet these requirements and want to be considered for an internship or practicum, email Dale Doty with your qualifications.

Continuing Education (CE)

Licensed mental health professionals are required to receive between 12 and 20 hours of continuing education each year. Our staff looks for promising possibilities to coordinate with the local CE office and recommends premium content and events. Continuing Education encourages the mental health community to maintain awareness and healthy regard for quality research, best practice, and current methods.

If you’ve identified professional content which could benefit the Oklahoma mental health community, call the office or email either or to initiate a CEU authorization.

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